Our Vision

It is the school’s earnest desire to develop a dynamic personality of the child and to activate the total constitution of the child to plan and achieve highest objectives of an ideal life in an environment where learning can be optimized and made an enjoyable experience.

Our Mission

  1. To nurture overall development of the child through enrichment programmes and imparting quality education.
  2. To equip the learner with life skills needed for effective living and encourage the value of lifelong learning.
  3. To promote involvement of the pupils with community outside the school concerns through community service programmes.
  4. To conserve the environment.
  5. To preserve our culture and heritage.
  6. To respect and accept all diversities of religion and gender.
  7. To incorporate an international dimension in the school curriculum and thereby raise awareness among students of global vision and world peace.
  8. To instill among the pupils a sense of responsibility to participate in the citizens duties and strive towards common welfare.
  9. To ensure our motto “Knowledge is Power” through our commitment to excellence and high standards of achievements.

Academic Objectives

  • Empowering students to enter portals of higher education.
  • Wider choice of subjects which are application based.
  • Develop/incorporate innovative methods of assessment at the end of each academic year.
  • Systems & procedures for measuring institutional growth involving all the stakeholders.
  • Improve learning environment including library, laboratories classrooms and other facilities.
  • Upgrade skills of faculty and supporting staff through training programmes.
  • Compliance with curriculum and regulatory requirements, and completion of syllabus in accordance of time.
  • Enhance practical skills and knowledge of students in accordance with the needs.
  • Provide holistic development.