From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents,

A child steps out of mothers lap and enters the school, after 14 years leaves the threshold of school as a young adult. Such is the importance of a school in a child’s life. School is a place where the child develops his dreams and goals, socializes and learns to conform to expected behavior and ways of the world.

In the school the teachers nurture the child’s mind, body and lovingly guide them towards achieving their optimum potential, training them to be independent learners and adapt to the fast developing technological and dynamic world.

Every child’s aspirations and goals are different. We as teachers facilitate the child to provide opportunities of varied interests so the child can explore and recognize the area where he can excel and also create a productive livelihood for himself.

By encouraging participation in various scholastic and co-scholastic activities the students are given ample opportunities to evaluate their skills and develop them further.

In this highly competitive race, one has to compete with peers who are equals or even more qualified. In order to emerge victorious among them, one has to improve on strategy, knowledge and way of presenting things. Not that every time success is assured. But one should not get discouraged. If we continue our efforts in a dedicated way, there is nothing that can stop us from attaining our goal.

True courage is like, a kite; a contrary wind raises it higher in the sky instead of making it fall on the ground.
Physical ability is nothing in comparison with ones courage and zeal.

“True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body”

is a famous quote. If you set a goal for yourself, you automatically get into the habit of taking all the pains with a view to achieving it. If you are a sincere and determined, every step that you take forward gives you a lot of satisfaction and you enjoy every bit of your action. This can be done only when you train yourself properly and maintain a strict routine. A well-laid out plan to march in a definite direction ought to be made part of your life. In this way, you can derive immense pleasure from every moment that you spend. “Cheerfulness in most cheerful people is the rich and satisfying result of strenuous discipline.”

Always remember that getting involved in a positive action provides you with an opportunity to enjoy every second of your life.SVPS strives on the vision that students make

SVPS strives on the vision that students make best use of infrastructure facilities and opportunities to come out as successful future ready citizens equipped with not only academic excellence but also values and life skills.

Vibha Saxena